UAUG Meeting
March 26, 2013

The first order of business at tonight’s meeting, was a discussion of meeting times and place. Due to staffing issues, Dunham Library is requiring us to vacate the building at 8 p.m. Peter queried members as to their preferences. Since we have already paid for the use of the Community Room, should we continue meeting at Dunham, start at 6 p.m. and end at 8, or investigate meeting at the New Hartford Library if the dates are available? It was decided to continue at Dunham at the earlier time.

He next explained our decision to institute in May a new policy of issuing a “Member Prize” ticket to all UAUG members at the Christmas Party regardless of their attendance at this event. This prize will be determined at a later date and have a minimum value of $500. Additional tickets would be issued for attending meetings, making a presentation, and/or sponsoring a new member.

Al Fasoldt will be making a presentation at the April 23rd meeting. Members should check their email in case there needs to be a change with the new time format.

Dan then continued with last month’s topic: iPhoto and Photo Stream. He began by asking what questions/concerns members have with iPhotoiphoto_icon¬†and distributed a handout entitled “More with iPhoto – Agenda. He then went on to explain that iPhoto 11 is the current version we use. Things we do with it include import, organize, edit, print. Dan then shared a brief video. He reiterated that PhotoStream instantly downloads on all your devices on iCloud.He explained how it works with no syncing, email attachments or file transfers.

If you open iPhoto and hold option key you will get a window asking which library you would like to use. Steps to get started: Connect camera or memory card, drag photos into iPhoto, choose File-Import to Library. If you take a picture with your iPhone or pad, turn on Location Services so the device will automatically know where you took the pic. Dan then explained each of the icons at the bottom of the iPhoto screen. He continued to build a new library and drag pictures from Photo Stream. He selected various photos and copied them to this library and created an event. He showed how to use faces to identify and find photos that a particular person is in.

Photostream-Icon-aPlaces- The window shows where a photo was taken and what type of device it was taken with. You can set up key words and set up a shortcut to use it. Keywords, events, faces, places are ways to identify your libraries. Dan mentioned that you need to decide how you want to use PhotoStream and how it will impact the storage on your device.

Dan went through the preferences for iPhoto including General, Appearance, Sharing PhotoStream, Accounts, and Advanced. He suggested using mail instead of iphoto for sending someone a picture.

Peter cautioned to never import one iPhoto Library into another iPhoto Library. Options: buy Aperture which has the ability to merge two iPhoto libraries, or iPhoto Manager which also has a merge feature, or create a folder on the desktop to export your photos temporarily so you can import them into the iPhoto library where you are consolidating your photos. You will lose some meta data, but all of your photos will be in one place. Dan demonstrated this last method.

If you are updating to a new version of iPhoto, back up first. If you are using Faces, etc. back up also.

$10 Kiki H-$10 itunes card:
50-50: $6- Paul F

The meeting was adjourned at 8 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,